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Poseidon Group

Poseidon Group, a global entity with offices in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Singapore, is a trading company specializing in food products that brings the excellence of Japanese food to the world. Our flagship products include processed seafood such as tuna and hamachi, land-based proteins such as authentic Japanese wagyu beef, and a wide range of other products such as Japanese rice, vegetables, fruits, processed foods, and seasonings. Our mission is to connect people around the world with happiness through food, connecting people around the world by delivering the excitement of food.  

Seafood Processing Plant

-Kyusyu Amakusa Japan-

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Meat Processing Plant

-Tsukiji Japan, Carlifornia USA-


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About Poseidon Group Network

Premier Wagyu & Seafood London Ltd., London, UK

Tokio International Co., Ltd.,
Seoul, South Korea

Kaijin Trading Co., Ltd.,
Tokyo, Japan 

Nichiryo Foods Pte. Ltd.,

Tokio Japan Co., Ltd.,

Tokyo, Japan

Poseidon Group International, Inc.,


March 2022

Hamachi Farm to join the family

Nakatani Seafood Company joined the Poseidon Group family, dramatically improving the Supply Chain for Hamachi.

Nakatani Seafood Company has many years experience in farming Bluefin Tuna in different areas of Japan.

Working with selected feed, Poseidon Group is currently working on acquiring ASC certified Hamachi, pending to be available by 2024.

April 2022

Second factory starts operation

Kaijin Trading Kyushu starts operations at Second Processing Facility.

Not more than 50 steps away from the waters, a second processing facility has turned on their switches to keep up with the expanding export fish business. 

With fresh raw materials and state-of-the-art technology, Kaijin Trading Kyushu will be delivering even fresher and more premium quality seafood products to the world.

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